Calhoun County 2020 EMG Basic Training Exercise - Fruit Flies be gone!

Asked November 9, 2020, 4:49 PM EST


It has been an especially challenging year for fruit flies in my kitchen. I am a collector of veggie scraps to compost and try to keep the bin covered. I've tried several DIY traps that are somewhat effective. Thoughts on best ways to get rid of them one and for all?
Andrea Herrst

Eaton County Michigan

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Can you keep your scrap container outside or in the garage?
Can you empty it often?
Is DIY do it yourself?
Short of spraying the area and even then you are not eliminating the eggs, the funnel/vinegar trap is the most effective but you have to keep at it.
The University of Kentucky has this to say:

Once a structure is infested with fruit flies, all potential breeding areas must be located and eliminated. Unless the breeding sites are removed or cleaned, the problem will continue no matter how often insecticides are applied to control the adults. Finding the source(s) of attraction and breeding can be very challenging and often will require much thought and persistence. Potential breeding sites which are inaccessible (e.g., garbage disposals and drains) can be inspected by taping a clear plastic food storage bag over the opening overnight. If flies are breeding in these areas, the adults will emerge and be caught in the bag.

Te above is for discovering where they are exactly...
Then the trap:

After the source of attraction and breeding is eliminated, a pyrethrum-based, aerosol insecticide may be used to kill any remaining adult flies in the area.

Fruit Fly TrapFruit Fly Trap

A better approach, however, is to construct a trap by placing a paper funnel (rolled from a sheet of notebook paper) into a jar which is then baited with a few ounces of cider vinegar. Place the jar trap(s) wherever fruit flies are seen. This simple but effective trap will soon catch any remaining adult flies which can then be killed or released outdoors.

You have to start with eliminating the breeding spots and then be persistant with the traps.

I get the feeling that you have already done some of this but keep at it.