Corn flys

Asked November 8, 2020, 10:43 AM EST

Hi everyone is telling me corn flys are finised now but the tiny little bugs of some sort are still in my property and nothing seems to be getting rid of them they ars so small its hard to see them but there everywhere and seem to bite to im very sensitive and having sleepless nights as there annoying me at night and bite, we have corn fields and horses near by

Outside United States

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I would agree that corn flies, also known as hover flies, are pretty much finished for the year. There could still be some around but they won't last long. There are other small insects that can be found at this time of year that may bite people. These are generally thrips, minute pirate bugs, and psyllids. These are accidental biters that probe us when they land on us but people will have itchy spots for a couple of days after being bitten. If you spend a lot of time outside, those could have gotten on you.
However, for something that is biting you at night while you are asleep, that could be a bed bug or even flea problem. If you have the chance to catch one of the perpetrators when you are bitten, I could offer better advice. As is, I wouldn't advise any sort of spraying. I would say it is a good idea to get some cortisone cream to try and help with any itching and that you should see a physician to see if they can offer any other help. If you do catch a bug, you can submit the photo through here or try to contact your local extension office to see how they can help you.