Sitka Spruce Dieback in Newport

Asked November 5, 2020, 1:05 PM EST

What is the cause of the dieback that is spreading in mature Sitka Spruce on Yaquina Bay Road in Newport? Fall 2019 - one 18" DBH Spruce on the Bay Road near my house exhibited several brown branches on the west side of its trunk. This is an open grown spruce and the dieback is NOT due to shade intolerance. This summer - The lower branches of the tree are dead of that tree and the "browning" of the needles has traveled up the trunk to the tree's lower canopy. Additionally, the dieback has apparently spread to four other mature trees. Two of the four trees are very large @ 5 foot DBH. The spread of dieback this summer began on the west side of the four trees. This is the side that faces the original tree. Please contact me to discuss.

Lincoln County Oregon

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Hi there, are you able to send me pictures of the dieback on the spruce trees? You said you noticed this last fall, correct? It could possibly be the result of a severe spruce aphid infestation that we had last year - I have attached a flyer. Was the dieback mostly along the inner areas of the branches? Are you noticing new growth on the tips? If it does not seem to match up to what info is on the flyer, we'll need to look at other options. I hope this helps,