Is it too late to plant 4" perennials in Greensboro?

Asked November 1, 2020, 12:38 PM EST

Hey there!

I received a dozen or so 4" perennials about a month ago. They weren't in the best condition, so I delayed setting them out and nursed them under grow lights. Now they look healthy, and some are even putting on blooms. However, now I'm second-guessing my decision because now I'm afraid it might be too late to set them out in the garden.

So shall I set them out, or try to over-winter them under the lights in the basement?

All are in 4" pots and include coneflower, foxglove, betony (stachys offininalis, not the Florida variety), garden phlox, coreopsis, butterfly weed, Nepeta, bee balm, butterfly weed, ornamental onion, & yarrow.

I've been gardening for only 1 full year, so I'm a newbie.

Thanks so much!

Guilford County North Carolina

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Awesome choices! And, no, this is a perfect time to plant them. They will all go dormant once it REALLY freezes. I would plant them per the instructions and make sure you water them well. IF it should get warm again, you’ll need to make sure to keep them moist. Otherwise, this is a perfect time to plant.