Get rid of Oxalis growing in Brass Buttons

Asked November 1, 2020, 12:38 PM EST

Yikes! Can you get rid of oxalis growing in thick ground cover?! My neighbor and I share a patch of brass buttons between our homes. It's so thick I thought it would crowd out weeds, but oxalis has happily taken up residence and is spreading like mad. It's very hard to even find the roots among the brass buttons, and then when you pull on it it doesn't all come out. I have 2 questions: 1) Is there anything that will kill oxalis and not our ground cover, like some weed killers for grass or turf? 2) Will a pre-emergent help if it's spreading from the roots we can't get out? I put one down a few months ago on my side before oxalis showed up, and I seem to have way less of it than she does, but it's rapidly spreading from her side. Thank you for your help!

Washington County Oregon

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Short of pulling out the Oxalis, there aren't any other options for your situation.

Selective herbicide products for broadleaf plants will kill both the oxalis and your brass buttons.

Pre-emergent herbicides keep weed seeds from germinating in lawns and bare ground areas. It won't keep established oxalis plants from growing.

Using pre-emergent herbicide, sprinkled under the brass buttons will keep new oxalis from germinating. If you had some success with that method this year, you could try again next year in the late summer to keep the cool-season weed from germinating.