Evercrisp apples

Asked October 30, 2020, 6:28 PM EDT

I purchased 2 bushels of Evercrisp apples on Thurs (10/29) in Sparta MI. The apples were picked the day before. When I cut into them, the center of the apple is different from the flesh towards the skin of the apple. It looks like they froze on the tree prior to picking. They taste ok. I'm told Evercrisp last longer than other varieties. Should they have been sold? What steps should I take to keep from losing them and my money? I bought them with the intention of dehydrating some of them (I mentioned this to the lady who sold them to me and she said they're a hard apple and would hold up).

Ingham County Michigan

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I am guessing you are describing watercore. Some apple varieties are prone to it and Evercrisp is one of them. This trait was actually selected for in the Fuji apple which is one of the parents of Evercrisp in that breeding program.
The simple explanation is that in years with high sugar levels (like 2020), the fruit has nowhere to move the sugar excess so it stays in the apple and watercore is the result. Apples with watercore are extremely sweet (a plus), but they might not store as long (a minus). You should enjoy your extra sweet Evercrisp and eat them up within a month or so if you can for best results.
If you want more details about watercore, check out this article MSU scientists wrote about it recently - https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/a-perfect-apple-harvest-season-for-watercore