Shamrock houseplant needs help

Asked October 29, 2020, 1:17 PM EDT

Hello, my shamrock houseplant suddenly developed these white spots. There are multiple on each leaf including the young ones. I have attached a couple photos that you can hopefully open.
I have had the plant for about 30 years and it has been very healthy. How can I treat it?
thank you from British Columbia, Canada

Outside United States

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Hello, neighbor to the north!

I did a little research into "Shamrock" pests and diseases, and this is what I found:

A powdery coating or a rust-colored coating is one of the easiest ways to identify plant rusts. These are kinds of fungi that attacks healthy and vigorous plants unlike other plant diseases that take advantage of weak plants. Rusts will take advantage of new sprouts, leaves and tender parts of a plant. Severe infection of rusts will cause stunted growth and yellowed or discolored leaves. For small infections, areas where pustules (orange, yellow, brown, black, or white spore producing structures) are visible must be removed and disposed. Applying neem oil can kill spores on the leaves and is a good organic alternative to fungicides.

Do you see any small insects on the underside of the leaves? It's hard for me to say what your problem is, but I suspect that you have a case of some type of rust. The neem oil treatment can't hurt either way.

I hope that I've helped you and your Shamrock plant.