pampas grass

Asked October 29, 2020, 10:27 AM EDT

Will pampas grass grow in Lapine oregon?

Klamath County Oregon

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Hi, thanks for your question about pampas grass. Straight, original species pampas grass is a warm grass hardy only to zone 8, but there are cultivars listed hardy to zone 6 with winter protection, and even a few companies claim cultivars hardy into zone 4.
Laapine is a zone 6A.
Extension does not endorse specific businesses, but I have pasted a few links below of businesses that are selling hardier types.
It might be helpful to understand that "Pampas Grass" is a common name that is applied to several different grass species with showy seed heads.
The most common, large, and sometimes invasive Pampas s Grass is in the genus Cortaderia:
The grasses listed as Hardy pampas grass appear to be a from a different genus:

Erianthus ravennae

If you want a cold hardy one, make sure it is listed to hardy zone 5 or better-
I hope you find this helpful, Nicole