a CSU In Thornton,Colorado

Asked October 28, 2020, 7:43 PM EDT

I'am Sorry For The Inconvienence But, I Have A New Concept! I'am Interested In A Vacant Parchel Of Land,Hereat, 96th And,Huron Street! Just Norh Of the Library! And, I was In The Intertest If The Master Gardener Would Like To Get InvolvedWith Such! For A CSA Community Supported Agriculture Program! Thereof,If The CSU Cooperative Extension Would Like To Do So! I Will Listen To Any Input! Thank You! John Warrendavid Weber! 720-318-6364 Address 621 Wesrt 9th Ave.hornton,Colorado 80260-5469 E-mail goodtimes.weber1@gmail.com

Adams County Colorado

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