Vole and wheat straw

Asked October 28, 2020, 5:06 PM EDT

I spreaded hay straw over my lawn to help fescue germinate. Almost overnight I saw divets all over my lawn. These divets lead to small holes. I know I do have voles and moles, but I've never seen any divets before. Could the holes be caused by voles eating the seed heads of the wheat straw? The fescue grass has a coating to prevent birds eating it. What should I do?

Wake County North Carolina

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Moles are meat eater, consuming worms and other underground creatures. Voles are the ones that eat plant material such as wheat seeds, young plant leaves and their roots. Voles forage at night, coming out of their holes to browse above ground. Divets, depending upon their shape and size, could be where moles excavated close to the surface and caused the ground to shift. It could be where an above-ground vole disturbed the soil as they create their common paths across your lawn.
Marshall Warren is an expert on these particular native creatures and has created an excellent article on them.