Possible Bird mite or Rodent Rat mite infestation

Asked October 28, 2020, 12:36 PM EDT

Hello I've been experiencing complete hell for the past few months. First it started off as a subtle itching . Exterminator came said there was no bed bugs and sprayed anyway. Several months of itching later I wrapped my bed in plastic , and got a bed bug cover for extra security from whatever is biting me. Exterminator came for roaches but I had the look at the bed , the the guy said I possibly have mites . Through out this my parents think I'm completely insane they get mad at me if I tell about how I cant sleep but I have to get up early for them everyday . I did some much research on bed bugs I defintely don't have them . I either have bird mites , rat mites or scabies . At my house we have a lot of different animals in this fruit tree. I also hear a rat or rats scurry over my roof at night I've seen one in the backyard. I see video an read stories online about it , people checking themselves in to mental hospitals , putting a mixture of essential oils on their body until they physically see them come out . I just don't know what to do , they think it's weird how I'm the only one that gets bites and is itchy . But they sleep outside in a custom room /shed. Can anyone help me I would greatly appreciate it . On top of that I live in a crazy household it get stressful , I'm thinking of just living out .

Santa Clara County California

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to identify an insect without clear photos, especially over the Internet. I suggest you obtain some insect samples, contain them, and contact your county Extension office to see what they recommend. Here is their contact webpage: http://cesantaclara.ucanr.edu/

Good luck!