excessively long canes

Asked October 28, 2020, 1:02 AM EDT

Hi, and thank you for your help in responding to my question.

I live in California, but there is no group to assist me. I live near San Francisco, so the weather is not super warm during the summer. I am growing thorn-less blackberry plants, and the canes produce many wonderful blackberries.

My question is regarding the canes: I measured the canes, and they are averaging over 20 feet. I thought the canes would grow around 10 feet. Many are around 20 feet, and still growing. The plants produce many canes, and they are all extremely long. I water them every couple of days, and fertilize them every couple months or so. I never thought that they would grow so wildly, as I have to tack them up because I don't want them on the ground. I am not complaining because of the incredible tasting fruit and volume they produce, but is this normal? I have 5 plants, all have extremely long canes, and getting longer.

I am just curious as to what may be causing the plants to grow so wildly.

Thank you again,


San Mateo County California

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Thank you for your question, Lawrence. It is difficult to identify the issue(s) without photos, but this Extension article may provide some answers: https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/hyg-1431 BTW, you do have an Extension service in your county (like all others in the nation), and you can contact them here: http://cesanmateo.ucanr.edu/About/Contact/ Good luck!