Asked October 25, 2020, 4:10 PM EDT

On floridas southwest coast beach we have Sea grapes as a tall hedge with railroad tie fence behind them suddenly producing smelly lumpy mass appearing in the sandy soil and at base of sea grapes and 1 railroad tie. Any idea what this is and how to remove it? Thank you

Sarasota County Florida

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This looks like a slime mold. Slime molds are fungi that eat dead woody plant tissue (like mulch, fenceposts, etc), but cause no real harm. They need moisture, and we have certainly had quite a bit of that recently. If you want to remove it, simply take a spade and slide it along underneath the slime mold (it doesn't grow very deep, so you don't need to dig a hole), then bury it in your compost pile or dig a hole and bury it. It may come back because the spores come in from all over. Fungicides are not recommended.

thank you very much....I am happy to know it is not serious and easily removed. Your help is much appreciated.