Sarracenia purpurea

Asked October 24, 2020, 8:38 PM EDT

Starting from seed, in a warm environment, moist,.. How do I sow this?

Ingham County Michigan

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When starting from seed the Sarracenia purpurea otherwise known as the Pitcher Plant can be grown both inside and outside. These plants however need less nitrogen with a medium draining soil. They also require full sunlight to part shade. Depending on where you will sow the seeds, inside or outside they are different specifications to successfully growing. The following links will provide the requirements.

Thank you for the links, one question. Do you think it's cold enough outside to stratify them outside or just in the fridge for a month?


Currently our outside temps fluctuate for effective straficiation to occur. I would put them in the fridge in order to maintain the cold temperature.

Good to know, I'll do that straight away, keep them in water and moist covered? How do I know it's time to pull them out in the light again?
Thank you so much for all your help with this. Once I do it once successfully I'm sure I can repeat it.


I would follow these steps:

“The tried and true way of germinating Sarracenia seed is to cold stratify the seed for 4 weeks. Storing the seed dry in the refrigerator isn't stratification. Stratification is storing the seed in a cold and damp environment usually with natural materials that may aid the process of convincing the seed it is time to start growing. The easiest method is to refrigerate seeds in a small plastic bag with a few strands of finely chopped sphagnum moss dampened with purified water. Live sphagnum is the best choice. The moss should be wet enough so that if you squeeze it you will see water but there shouldn't be any free water in the bag. If you don't have live or dried sphagnum moss and must use peatmoss, get it very wet then squeeze it to remove most of the water and make sure there is plenty of air in the plastic bag. The seeds need air. The seeds could die if the peatmoss is too wet.”

I see their methods of germinating the seed to be very helpful and informative. The whole article should provide the process you can use to successfully get the seeds growing.