Trimming a Ponderosa

Asked October 22, 2020, 9:59 PM EDT

I have a very large Ponderosa tree in my yard that I would like to trim up. I have a photo that I will share with anyone that can help me. Is it OK to do this? When is the best time? Is now (late Oct or early Nov) OK? I had an appraisal done today. The person would lift the canopy by about 1/4 of the tree.

Washington County Oregon

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Light pruning of your pine tree is a good idea. For this kind of pruning, now (anytime) will work.

Here's a publication on pruning conifers:

If you want to prune the bottom branches yourself, rent a pole saw. Wear a helmet and eye protection. Use caution.

To me, it looks like your tree has two leaders (main limbs), which is not ideal for conifers that grow best with a single leader. I'd advise having an arborist take a look. Contact several tree care companies to get opinions and cost estimates.

Make sure the tree companies have a licensed arborist on staff. Here are some ideas for hiring:

Good luck.