Organic, Non-GMO Local Soybean Suppliers

Asked October 22, 2020, 6:44 AM EDT

Hello, My partner and I have a small business and would love to buy organic, non-gmo soybeans locally. I've attempted to lookup resources but it seems most resources are directed towards growers. Is there a list of growers to contact somewhere so I can buy soybeans? Best, Jessica email: phone: 813-230-1595

Franklin County North Carolina

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I am not familiar with any local organic soybean distributors. Most of our growers are selling organic beans to local elevators in the region that use them for animal feed or they are trucking them to Northern States. You may be able to buy from local farmers if you have the storage capability. There is not a list of organic growers in the state of NC that I am aware of.

Locally, there are some producers that you may be able to buy from. Please call me at 919-496-3344 to discuss in further detail your use of the soybeans and I may be able to share contact information for a few farmers that you may want to contact.

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