mint straw

Asked October 20, 2020, 12:04 PM EDT

I had a pile of mint straw I had a tarp over a few days when I uncovered it was white moldy looking on top and steaming it was hot I went ahead and spread some but now I was thinking I should of wore a mask was it safe to do .I am a hypercondriac so now Im worried.Should I not of breathed that mold and steam did it harm me breathing it??I have more to spread please help asap.

Linn County Oregon

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You mentioned the pile was steaming - that steam is likely water vapor, so no health concerns there. Since there is water vapor rising from the pile, I would guess the mold/mildew was also damp, so it is less likely that you breathed in very much of it. When the mold is dry, that is when it is more easily spread through the air. I would recommend wearing a mask when you spread the rest of the mint compost, and you can also spray the pile down with water before you start spreading it (although I know that makes the compost heavier to move, so just a light spray of water is good, no need to soak it.)