What kind of bug is this

Asked October 20, 2020, 11:37 AM EDT

So I have heard a high pitched noise in my house similar to a cricket but quite sustained. I found the bug one day, and it had it's wings up, and they had holes located in the center of the wing making the noise. I finally found one today where I could get a picture, but it looks like a tiny cricket. I am unable to find any images that support this online, so I thought I would ask!

Buncombe County North Carolina

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Thank you for your question. I believe I know the species of your insect, but I've have forwarded your photos to an Extension entomologist for confirmation. I will be back in touch as soon as I hear back from him.

Thank you for your patience.


Hello again. Thank you for your patience. My initial identification was confirmed by one of our Extension entomologists, Dr. Matt Bertone, Director of the NC State University Plant Disease and Insect Clinic.

The cricket in your photograph is the red-headed bush cricket, scientific name Phyllopalpus pulchellus. It is also sometimes referred to as the "handsome trig". Trig is an abbreviation of the sub-family in which it belongs, Trigonidiinae. It is found in the southeastern United States as far north as Illinois and New Jersey, but does not occur in southern Florida.

This is one of the easiest cricket species to identify due to the red or rusty red head and thorax, the pale yellowish-white legs and the dark blue-black forewings.

It is usually found about a meter above the ground in vegetation around streams and marshes, but can also be found in similar brushy habitats in other areas.

Here's a site where you can find some additional information:


and here's a site where you can also hear this species' song:


I hope this answers your question, and thank you for contacting Ask an Expert.