There are little divots in my yard

Asked October 20, 2020, 10:57 AM EDT

What are these little divots from!?
I have noticed a few times this fall that there are numerous little "holes" in the dirt in various parts of the yard. I've only been in the house a few months, and am still familiarizing myself with the flora and fauna in the yard.
One picture attached is underneath a large evergreen tree (I think it's a fir). The other photo is in an open space that will be used for a vegetable/victory garden in the spring, and I think was used similarly in the past.
The holes are about .5 in deep, conical, and don't look to have an additional hole in the bottom. When I first noticed, I thought maybe something was being dropped, but the soil is not so soft to evenly disperse as it has and there is nothing noticeable in the bottom.

Denver County Colorado

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This is just a guess but it is possibly from an insect burrowing into the ground. Please see this fact sheet for more information: