Apple Scrap Jelly

Asked October 19, 2020, 5:09 PM EDT

I've heard some conflicting accounts about the safety of canning apple scrap jelly. One person reported that they reached out to their state's extension office, and that they were told the Farmer's Almanac recipe has been tested and is safe. Some longtime canning specialists refute this claim, and allege there is no safe, tested and verified recipe for apple scrap jelly. Can you add anything to the conversation? I've included the link to the recipe below. Thank you!

Wayne County Michigan

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Hi there, thank you for reaching out. I want to start by saying that the farmers almanac is not necessarily a reference for research-based recipes and this jelly recipe does not seem to be found in the library of research based recipes when I look. However, that being said - I consulted with another colleague and after comparing it to an apple jelly recipe with the amount of lemon juice and processing time - it would be safe to make/can.