OverWinter Annuals and Tropicals in Basement

Asked October 19, 2020, 3:48 PM EDT

I would like to salvage some of my annuals and tropicals from this season to replant next spring/summer. My goal is just to keep them alive to replant next year. My plan is to store them in the basement, I purchased a kiddie pool for watering. Are there steps I need to take to prep the plant, such as cutting back. My basement gets very little natural light. I have read that that regular florescent lights work, if so how often do they need to be on and how close to the plant do they need to be? I appreciate any help. Thanks for your consideration.

Wayne County Michigan

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I found this article which I hope is helpful for you:


I have found that when using "shop lights", the closer the light is to the plant, the better. Since you didn't mention what plants you want to over-winter, or how many, I would say that if you have one fixture (2 light tubes) it should be about 8 inches to a foot from the plants. You will be able to tell if the plants start to look "leggy" that the light is too far from the plants.

Also, it's best to have the lights on for a longer period of time, because the light is not nearly as strong as sunlight. I would get a timer set up to run the lights for as much as 14 hours.

I hope this is helpful.