Bringing outdoor plants inside

Asked October 19, 2020, 2:53 PM EDT

How do I bring some of my outdoor potted plants inside for the winter without bringing in spiders and other visitors? Thank you.

Allegan County Michigan

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Before you start the process of bring your pots inside for the winter check the plants for insects. Spray both sides the foliage and the pot with the garden hose to wash any any hitchhiking insects and to clean the pot. Isolate the potted plants, if a porch or shed is available, move the plants there for a week before moving them inside. After isolation inspect for insects. If you do discover any insects, spray with insecticide per label instructions. Bring tender plants inside for the winter once nighttime temperatures drop to 55°F and well before the heat in the house is turned on. Plants need to adapt to the indoor conditions of reduced light and humidity. Over the period of a week, gradually reduce light levels by moving the container from sun to light shade to heavy shade, and finally indoors. Once indoors, place the containers away from cold drafts caused by outside doors and the drying air of heating ducts. In the spring, once daytime temperatures are around 65°F and nighttime temperatures above 50°F, move plants outdoors again. Gradually expose them to sunlight by placing them in a shaded area for a few days and then gradually moving them into brighter sunlight.