Vegetable garden soil test

Asked October 18, 2020, 10:27 PM EDT

I had the soil in my vegetable garden tested and was wondering how concerned I should be with the results. My phosphorous level is 67.5 ,ca 3688,mg 765, sulfur 31, boron1.3, man 8.4, zen 22.8, Aluminium 11, lead 30.4 , ph7.0 I used to add manure in the past, now I was wondering if I can add my own compost and ground up leaves. Should I be worried with the amount of lead? I was using a zinc iron follicular spray this year on the plants to help with the high phosphate levels. Thank you.

Essex County Massachusetts

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Hi - In order to interpret soil test results, one would have to know which extractant was used. It should say on the report or the interpretation sheet. I am wondering if you got the soil tested at UMass? Also what are the units that the values are reported in - parts per million or pounds per acre. Your best bet would be to contact the lab you had the test done at with questions. Most send out interpretation sheets that explain the test results. Ground up leaves are fine to add to garden beds as they increase the organic matter but do not add a lot of nutrients. Since your phosphorus is elevated, you would not want to add compost as that would cause it to increase even more. Typical background levels for lead in New England are 0 - 50 ppm total lead in the soil.