Lace Bug on Azalea

Asked October 18, 2020, 6:01 PM EDT

Hello! I have two large azaleas that are key to my front entrance landscape. The largest one has pale green foliage and three years ago realized it was getting lace bug damage. I was able to keep it relatively in control with two sprays of soap in the spring. But this year that wasn't adequate and a new infestation this fall is worse than I've seen. The other azalea, a small leafed, dark green variety, now also is showing damage. Using horticultural soaps and oils is preferred but doing so on two large shrubs several times a season is going to get challenging. What's the latest on control of lace bug on azalea? Is a neem oil soil drench really effective? What are the least toxic chemical pesticides available to homeowners? Thanks for the update!

Lane County Oregon

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