Asked October 17, 2020, 8:25 PM EDT

What can I do now to reduce/eliminate mites next year. They were in my garden tomatoes, annuals and shrubs this year

Washington County Oregon

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The way to avoid spider mites is to ensure that all your plants receive adequate water during the growing season.

The generally elevated temperatures during this year's growing season (2020) took many gardeners by surprise. Plants used water more rapidly than the gardeners realized, thereby stressing them (the plants) such that spider mites had prime conditions to attack.

is there something that can be done to kill the over-wintering eggs ? I feel like I watered my plants adequately.

No. The eggs over-winter on trees.

Frankly, this particular growing season favored mites. The frequent hot dry weather was good for mites but hard on plants.

See " Spider Mites" for background and various management options, among the latter healthy plants, adequate irrigation and periodically washing off dusty plants early in the day. Cultural tactics are always preferred to pesticides, be they synthetic or organic. Never wait until you see heavy stippling (pale leaves as in Fig 2) or fine-textured webbing (Fig 3), both of which indicate a failing plant swamped with a massive mite population.

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