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Asked October 17, 2020, 6:52 PM EDT

1) i have an established cry[e myrtle shrub, about 15 ft. tall. it only produced a few blooms in late september and is now putting out dozens of suckers. any hints how to improve bloom next season and prevent suckers? i have not changed feeding or watering schedule. 2) there is konk growing on a stump of a big leaf maple ( trunk diameter 5 ft.) that was removed 6 years ago. can this spread? how to kill?

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thank you for your questions. Do you mean crepe myrtle? If so, how often do you prune it? Is it in sun or shade? Have you recently trimmed away shoots, or other plant renovation? What do you mean by a "conk"? Are you able to send clear photos? That term is not used in horticulture, so I am uncertain what you have. Thank you for more information.

yes, crepe myrtle. i haven't pruned it this season. prior years bloom were much earlier and full.
it gets 5-6 hrs sun. i cut back the suckers and applied Sucker Stopper to the stubs.

conk is a woody shelf -like fungal infection. i am concerned that it might spread to other trees on the property. how to eradicate?

i do not own a camera.

I suspect that pruning would be helpful for your plant:

Without photos of the fungus, we cannot identify exactly what your tree has, but this Extension article has advice about dealing with it:

I hope these are helpful.