Rex Begonia

Asked October 17, 2020, 10:59 AM EDT

I have a beautiful Rex Begonia that I managed to successfully overwinter in the house last year. I brought it in the house about a month ago to try and do the same this year. It is getting quite large and leggy and I'd like to prune it back a bit to make it bushier. Is now the time to do that or should I wait until spring? Also, I have an Escargot Begonia. Can those also be overwintered in the house? Thanks for all you do! Marilyn

Kent County Michigan

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Hello, Marilyn!

It sounds as if you are very successful growing your begonias, congratulations!

When grown in containers and placed indoors, Rex Begonia plants may be cut back in fall and overwintered in a cool location with reduced watering. Your Escargot begonia is a Rex begonia cultivar, so you should be able to grow it indoors as well.

I found some eye candy, too. ;-)

I hope this helps!