Pet safe, low light houseplants

Asked October 16, 2020, 2:09 PM EDT

I have a cat who occasionally likes to munch on my houseplants, especially any that have delicate leaves. She seems to leave thicker leafed plants alone, such as my orchids. I'd like to add some more houseplants to our living room, however the room gets very little natural light due to being north facing and our tendency to keep the blinds closed. Do you have any recommendations for low light plants that won't hurt my kitty?

Linn County Oregon

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I have a houseplant-hungry cat too. I like to refer to this list of plants that are non-toxic to cats from ASPCA:

If shopping for plants from this list, I recommend trying to confirm the scientific name since the same common name can be applied to a wide range of plants. If you're curious about a plant feel free to share a photo and we can help with identification.

I do notice that my cat seems to prefer biting into plants that have grass-like leaves, so that might be something to avoid. Even non-toxic plants can cause cats to vomit so keeping them out of easy reach is best.

Phalaenopsis orchid, the most common kind found in floral sections of grocery stores, is non-toxic to cats: