Pressure Canning Seal failures

Asked October 15, 2020, 6:55 PM EDT

Oh my. I have had way to many loads with more than 50% failure during the seal process. I have a caner in Arizona and a Caner in Alaska. When I pressure can using the same exact process in Alaska I have almost a 100% seal success rate. When I can in Arizona sometime half my jars dont seal. Help!! Is it my lids, is it my Caner, is it my heat source what on earth is happening and why such a difference

Pima County Arizona

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Hello! There are many reasons why seal fail. Here is a resource to help you think through some of the reasons why this happens. See the "Imperfect seal" section
One of those listed is lid preparation. Today's lids do not need to be preheated. They should be washed and then they are ready to use. If you do choose to heat them, do NOT boil them, just put them in hot water. If you boil them, that softens the compound too much and the lids will not seal properly. This is per the manufacturer instructions.
Also, be sure you are adjusting your processing for the elevation of your location. Tested and researched recipes will guide you on how much to adjust. More information can be found at,
More information can be found at
Hope this helps. Karen