What is the best way to prep a (new this year) Windwalker Royal Red salvia for the winter?

Asked October 14, 2020, 3:14 PM EDT

Background: I added a Windwalker Royal Red salvia to my perennial garden earlier this year (June). It is a magnificent plant, probably close to 5 feet tall IF it was growing upright. I probably over fed and watered it, because it's stems are laying down on the ground, generally curled around the base of the plant. Each major stem has many branches that ARE upright and have blossomed profusely. It's beautiful, even in its current state.
Question: How should I prep this plant for the winter? I usually leave my perennials intact until Spring and mulch well around them for the Winter, but this plant is laying on the ground over an area approx. 4 x 3 ft. Should I trim it back? If so, how far can I trim it without risking damage, given that it was new this year? What's best?

Denver County Colorado

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I wouldn't do anything now other than keep an eye on the sky: if we have a dry winter without any natural precipitation, check moisture levels with a screwdriver periodically to make sure the roots are not totally drying up. Next spring you can shear it back.