spraying versus tansy beetles

Asked October 14, 2020, 12:09 PM EDT

You referred us to our extension but we get no help. Oregon State seems to be the institution most knowledgeable . We need help so are reaching out. Is there someone you can refer us to?

Thank you,
Antoinette Ballister

Humboldt County California

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This is outside my area of expertise. Have you tried the extension office in Humboldt?


If they cannot help but you know someone at Oregon State with experience in this area, I am sure that you can contact them directly and they will assist with your question.

By they way, my cursory look for "tansy beetle" seems to indicate that this is a beetle species in England. Are you sure that this is the beetle species you want information on?

thanks for responding. I'm sure I haven't used the correct term for the beetle. It is what we know works well on Tansy Ragwort so we call it tansy beetle. Looks like we have asked the wrong person.

Perhaps this is the creature you are dealing with?


Maybe you can still reach Eric Coombs (retired now) to ask about management of this beetle. Here is his linkedIn profile: