Non flowering hydrangeas

Asked October 14, 2020, 11:29 AM EDT

Between 3 & 4 years ago I planted 3 hydrangea plants 1 was endless summer the others, other than blue varieties I don't know what variety. since then the plants have done well with one exception, they don't flower. All were flowering when we got them. They are near dormancy at this time, but as you can see they are reasonably healthy. Sun is not an issue for they are in at least 6-8 hours of sun during August. watering during the blooming season was not a problem either. Any ideas to promote flowering would be appreciated

Guilford County North Carolina

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I love hydrangeas, especially the lace cap varieties.. Unfortunately, these bloom on old wood—with climate change, I’ve had a lot of trouble most recent winters with freeze & thaw cycles. These cause the bark to split & I have to cut them back. As a result, the plant looks really healthy, but rarely blooms. Have you had to cut yours back? It’s hard to know the specific habit, since you don’t know the varieties. Your endless summer blooms on old AND new wood, so that isn’t the problem there in all likelihood. You don’t mention whether you’ve fertilized them? Hydrangeas, like azaleas like acid soil, so a dose of this in the spring can encourage blooming. If you haven’t tested the soil in a while, I recommend that before you do much else. You can get the materials for this at the Ag Center at 3309 Burlington Rd (East GSO). They have boxes you can send to Raleigh. These tests are free this time of year. In a couple of weeks you’ll get the results on line & it will give you great info on how to amend the soil.

Bottom line for me is that the past winters have been tough on mine girls.. esp the lace caps, which I love!

Good luck!