Green Giant Abrovitae have yellow branches with black tips

Asked October 13, 2020, 5:17 PM EDT

Hi- we planted a few Green giants in our backyard in June-July of this year. They seemed to be doing pretty well until now . I see some of the leaves yellowing and some have some weird black tips too.
Our trees are planted in area that's lower ground and natural slope of the backyard results in lot of water to these trees during rains.
What needs to be done for this issue? is yellowing natural in fall in new jersey ?
Thanks for your response in advance!

New York

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Yes, the position they are planted in is too wet causing a fungal problem. Adding about three inches of compost to condition the soil is a good way to make it more well-drained naturally, along with providing nutrient availability. Spread the compost (available online in bags, such as Coast of Maine in the northeast) all around the shrubs. It will take sometime, probably by next year to condition the soil.

You can also get a soil test from your local Cornell Extension Service to get a full analysis of your soil if desired.

Take care.