Black spots inside peppers

Asked October 13, 2020, 2:41 PM EDT

I've had bad spots on the outside of peppers many times but this year I have them inside an otherwise beautiful pepper. Both hot and sweet. It isn't rotten, just dark areas and they still taste great. Should I have used more Epson salt or what do you think I should do differently next year? Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Disease or insect damage is very difficult to diagnose without the actual fruit or vegetable to send to the lab. From your description the dark spots are either insect damage or a fungal/bacterial spots. The spots will most likely be safe to eat but I would cut them away before using the vegetable. Spotting will make the shelf life of the vegetable very short so I would use or process in the fashion you want, being sure to remove the blemished areas.

This was one of the wettest summers on record for Metro Louisville so disease is most likely the cause of the spotting. Plant disease resistant varieties next year and watch for signs of disease on leaves first. If caught before bloom or fruit production a copper or Sulphur fungicide can be applied to halt the spread of fungal disease.

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