Clover and grass safe herbicide?

Asked October 12, 2020, 9:06 PM EDT

I plan to apply grass and clover seed in the spring. We live in Baltimore county. I would like to know is there a crab grass treatment I can spread that will not kill the seeds? I only care about the crab grass that comes up during the spring-summer that I want to eliminate also I do not need fertilizer I only need the crabgrass prevent er. So can you tell me what crab grass chemical I can use in the early spring that will prevent crab grass from coming up and will not kill my seeds?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Turfgrass over-seeding is best done in autumn (the next couple of weeks is still fine), but if you need to wait until spring, you can. (Autumn seeding is also useful because crabgrass dies after frost, leaving bare patches that other weeds can take over before you seed in spring.) Pre-emergent and/or post-emergent treatments would likely damage the clover as well, so you may need to spot-treat areas with known crabgrass issues rather than the whole lawn or you may need to replace the clover. (It's also possible the clover will initially die back but then return on its own with no intervention, as they are pretty tough plants.)

The page below on crabgrass gives tips for control and herbicides to consider (we don't recommend any specific brands, though a couple trade names are given; the active ingredients are the most important feature to look for). You will have to check the product labels for details on its safety with turf seed or how long before or after applying the herbicide seed can be sown - different formulations may have different timelines.