Lawn chemical applications

Asked October 12, 2020, 1:28 PM EDT

In the fall I blow my leaves, mulch them with my mower and then use them in my flower beds as mulch. I want to apply both a winterizer lawn food and a Weed Beater Ultra to my creeping ivy. How long should I wait after the application of these items before it's safe to mulch the leaves for use in my flower beds as I don't want any residual chemicals getting into my perennials. If we get rain afterward the application is that enough to remove the chemicals from any leaves laying on the turf?


Kent County Michigan

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Hello. If your winter lawn food is an N-P-K fertilizer you can put the shredded leaves/grass immediately in your garden beds. However, the Weed Beater Ultra is a whole different thing. That product will kill everything whether grass or a broadleaf and when the plant dies back it would be best to dispose of it and not use it for mulch/compost. Also, you may find that more than one application is needed on the ivy. Ivy has waxy leaves and so the pesticide does not always stick to the leaf. It is also important to pay attention to the temperature when using a product, if it is too cold it may not be effective.