Lawn Aeration and overseeding

Asked October 12, 2020, 1:28 AM EDT

My lawn service was supposed to aerate and overseed my yard in the East End of Louisville on 10/8 but ran into equipment problems. Now they've got me scheduled for 10/23. Is that too late? Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky

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You can aerate your yard but it's late to apply seed for establishment before winter. It all depends on the weather. Here is our information on lawns:

Calendar for care of cool season grasses:

These links are to what we call our lawn or turf pack, basically the major concerns and actions we need for lawn care in Kentucky.

Other information on Lawn care in KY:

Establishment :



Aeration and coring:

Principles of mowing:

Weed control:

Disease management:

Low maintenance lawn care:

Turf and trees:

Trees, Shrubs, Groundcovers and Vines for KY:

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