Blue Spruce

Asked October 11, 2020, 6:18 PM EDT

Hello - I'm not sure what going on with my blue spruce. Is it a fungi or stress that is causing the brown needles? They don't feel dry to the touch and they don't fall off when I rub the branch. I do have 3 inches of mulch around the tree. I avoid putting mulch around the trunk the tree. The ground under the mulch is moist to the touch.
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Adams County Colorado

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I am doing some checking. In the meantime, are you able to provide a picture from a distance? The close ups are great. Thank you. Also, do you have any history (ie: age) on the tree and if there is supplemental water provided to the tree? When did you first notice the browning?

Just a few more thoughts. Since all of the “damage” is on the older needles it could just be that the tree is losing more needles than usual in its fall cast. The increased drop could be due to some type of root stress which some photos may help. Many spruce suffered with the intense freeze we had this last April.

Further questions, additional pictures or any clarification we can provide is welcome!