Asked October 10, 2020, 2:16 PM EDT

I have been out on a leave with much restrictions. My sister was outside at my place and asked me about my “ berry tree I was growing”. I had her help me go out back , and noted a large pokeweed behind my shed. Is there anyone you could recommend to remove it. ? Thankyou

Oakland County Michigan

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I'm sorry we can't provide weed removal. Can you find teen in the neighborhood or handyman who could help? The key is to cut off the fruits and branches before the birds eat the berries and spread the seed. If you can find someone who likes to dig... digging out the taproot would be a good idea.
If you can just manage to have the fruit and branches cut off, plan to spray new growth next year continually with a weed killer (glyphosate or 2-4 D until it stops sprouting. Have an eye out for babies and get someone to pull them for you so they do not mature.