Will chemicals from a hot tub harm vines?

Asked October 9, 2020, 12:21 PM EDT

Our neighbor spilled a large amount of used water treated with pool chemicals from their hot tub. The water pooled and then soaked in around our vines located near the property line. Affected are 7-year old very productive Canadice grapes and some Lonicera x 'Candy Swirl' honeysuckles. There is no visible damage to the plants yet, but this happened just yesterday. Are the chemicals from the tub likely to damage or kill our plants? Are the grapes from the affected vines safe to eat? (We have grown them organically so far, without the use of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, so that is over, I suppose.) Should we get the soil tested? Thank you, Alex

Washington County Oregon

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The extent of damage to grapes from hot tub water depends on what chemicals were used and the concentration of the chemicals in the water.

If the used chlorine, that can lead to problems with your grapes:

But the plants won't soak up the chlorine right away and your grapes are still OK to eat.

Chlorine is water soluble and should wash trough the soil with the winter rains.

You could test your soil for chlorine next spring. See the guidelines in the link above.

If there is excess chlorine present, there's not much you can do about it beyond letting the rain leach it out of the soil.