Question about pressure canning

Asked October 8, 2020, 1:26 PM EDT

Where can I get my gauge checked in Macomb County.. Also how do i know if I can can homemade recipes.

Macomb County Michigan

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Pressure Canner Lid Testing Guidance

MSU Extension does offer testing of pressure canner gauges. During this challenging time MSU personnel are working remotely thus our availability to test gauges is affected and temporarily limited.

Pressure canner lids with only a weighted gauge do not need to be tested. Weighted gauges have 5, 10, and 15 lbs of pressure options.

Pressure canner lids with a dial gauge should be tested each year for accuracy. For a pressure canner with a dial gauge, follow up with the manufacturer if your lid cannot be tested at your local extension office. Some local hardware stores may also offer lid testing.

All canners may need replacement parts like a new gasket. Please see contact information and websites for common brands below:


To send gauge in:

-Safely package gauge only in a small box with packaging to ensure safe shipping

-Make sure name and address is inside the box

Presto will only test gauges from these brands:

  • National

  • Magic Seal

  • Maid of Honor

  • Kook-Kwick

  • Presto

National Presto Industries

Attention: Gauge Testing

3925 North Hastings Way

Eau Claire, WI 54703

1-800-877-0441 (weekdays from 8:00 am-4:00 pm Central time)

All American

To test gauge:

Contact Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, 920-682-8627.

For parts for all canners:

Mirro only offers weighted gauge canners, their customer service number is 1-800-527-7727 and hours are limited due to COVID-19

Replacement parts for pressure canners may be found at local hardware stores or

To see if pressure canner lid testing is available in your county, call your local Extension office.

For other questions related to food preservation, contact the MSU Extension hotline number: 1-877-643-9882.

To get your recipe tested to be sure it is safe, according to the ingredient combination, & appropriate processing you can seek out a university with a food science department. MSU does have this department, but I am not aware if they are currently doing this (considering the current situation). I have been told that in the past it was somewhat expensive to get this done. My recommendation is to find a tested recipe that is as close to your recipe and then use that recipe.