Wire Grass Control

Asked October 7, 2020, 3:45 PM EDT

I am trying to reclaim a 60' X 60' field, using Crimson Clover as a cover crop. I have already planted about 25% of it. I have been trying to remove the existing stand of wire grass by hand, which I did on the 25%. I tilled it first and then plucked out the weed by its roots. It was very time consuming and exhausting. Is there a way to pre-treat the rest of the field with a product that will not affect the germination of the clover before planting the rest of the area? Barring that, would it be a good strategy to proceed with planting the clover and then spraying with Ornamec Over-The-Top after germination to suppress the wire grass when it starts to appear?

St. Mary's County Maryland

2 Responses

Hi- plant the crimson clover asap to get it established, then spray the wiregrass with the herbicide. Check the label closely. We don't think Ornamec will affect the germination of broadleaf plants.

Thanks a lot for the information. As soon as I read it I went out and planted the rest of the clover!