thinning timber

Asked October 7, 2020, 3:26 PM EDT

Our timber was cut at least 12 years ago. It needs thinning. Plus I have some mature pines to cut also. How and where can I find info to get someone to do this work? John Baker

Moore County North Carolina

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Thanks for your question John:

A few options:

NC Forest Service can take a look and see if it is ready for thinning ( commercially viable) or if not may have access to Pine beetle control monies to cost-share a pre-commercial thinning. Your county ranger contact is:
Moore County Ranger Billy Lewis
1358 NC Hwy 73
West End, NC 27376


there are some publication from us that might be useful starting place. You can find them here:

or more cab be found here:

finally the NCFS has lists for consulting foresters and contractors and you can see a few of them below:

District Three, Rockingham
(Anson, Chatham, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Scotland, Stanly)

or consultant list:

Please contact me as you need more assitance or have additional questions