Fiddle leaf fig

Asked October 7, 2020, 9:17 AM EDT

My daughter received a fiddle leaf plant as a gift a few months ago and it’s doing terrible. Is currently in a south facing window, doesn’t get much light. Looking for any suggestions as to what could be wrong- including pictures.

Kalamazoo County Michigan

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In researching the answer to your question, I came up with a couple of questions myself. Did your daughter recently bring her fiddle leaf fig tree indoors after spending summer outside? Do the leaves seem to have some "fuzz" on them? Does she water the fig in her shower, or does she mist it, getting the leaves wet?

The photos help - thank you! If you can find out some answers to my questions, that will help me narrow down what is wrong so I can give you a better idea of a treatment if one is available.

Thanks in advance,

She put the plant outside in her shaded porch for one week but, other than that, it’s been inside. She says there is no fuzz on the leaves. She hasn’t misted the leaves or put it in the shower, she waters it from a pitcher onto the soil with tap water. She has the original pot (with drainage hole) sitting inside a larger pot (without drainage hole) so there has been standing water in the larger pot!

That could be the culprit if she's had that standing water in the larger pot for awhile. I was also thinking that it could be some damage from sitting outside on the porch when the weather got cooler? From what I've read this is a tropical plant that loves to be warm.

I think that the best thing to do is to find a good spot for the plant. The South window sounds good, but not too close to the window to avoid drafts. Also, avoid being close to a heat register for the same reason. Avoid getting water on the leaves. The leaves that are damaged won't get better, but hopefully new leaves that grow will not have the same problem as long as the plant isn't sitting in water and the good cultural practices I described are maintained.

I hope that your daughter's plant recovers! Good luck.