hydrangea that did not bloom

Asked October 6, 2020, 9:58 PM EDT

Our hydrangea did not bloom this year. All of the branches from last year died. (I did not cut them off until very late spring when they were obviously dead.) The new growth is doing well, but it has not bloomed. The plant label says it will bloom on new and old wood. The hydrangea is several years old and has bloomed in the past. The site is moderately shady. My question is this: Is there any sort of winter protection I can use to help this year's branches survive the winter? Thank you for your help.

Kalamazoo County Michigan

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I am sorry to say you are in good company. I personally had no blooms and we have had countless persons ask about their bloom-less hydrangeas. The weather this year was a challenge and I imagine, your new flower buds were damaged before you even saw them. I want to point out I think you did the right thing to cut those dead branches in the spring, no reason to keep them. The hydrangeas that are said to bloom on old and new wood would fall into this reblooming category. We do not endorse or represent any specific company, but this is a great resource from Proven Winners. I added a second one about winter protection for a specific type, but you could apply the winter care to your own if it suits you.