We are working on the restoration of the wetland area. We continue to remove...

Asked October 6, 2020, 3:15 PM EDT

We are working on the restoration of the wetland area. We continue to remove blackberries and holly. The resident skunk cabbage, lady ferns, bracken, monkey flower, and others. are beginning to flourish. We have benn offered some juncus influxes grasses. I'm not sure if they might end up being invasive to the natives. What is your recommendation?

Linn County Oregon

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Juncus influxes is a rush that is found in wetlands and wet areas in the mid-west and eastern U.S. It's common name is European meadow rush. It was introduced to the U.S. in the early 1900s. I could not find any references calling it invasive. However, since it was introduced from Eurasia to other parts of the U.S., and it grows well in wetlands and cool climates, I would not plant it in your wetland. I would be extra careful when planting a non-native in an ideal environment where it has not been thoroughly tested first. There are plenty of other native Juncus species, like Juncus effusus, that grow well in wetlands and are readily available.
Here are a few references if you would like more information -
The USDA plants database includes a large number of native, non-native and invasive species. It also has their wetland indicator status (obligate and facultative wetland). I suggest you look up plants that are new to you to see their status and whether they are invasive.
Good luck with your project. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Thank you for the information. We were thinking that since we have been careful in selecting natives exclusively that we wanted to continue that route. We have added Oregon Ash, Alder, Big leaf maple, vine maple. and dogwood, red cedar and willow. Shrubs we have introduced are nine bark, Oregon grape, red currant, salal, bleeding heart, etc. I am going to stop because you get the idea. It is fun and rewarding. Digging out blackberries will be a life long task that is also rewarding when you see what was being restrained by their presence. This has been the perfect project for two retired folks during this pandemic.
Lani Nelson

Hi Lani,
Thank you for following up. This sounds like a great project. I would like to see pictures if you are willing to share. Also, depending on your willingness, I think other people would like to see your project in pictures or in person. I work with various landowners and nonprofit groups on conservation and restoration projects.
My email is derek.godwin@oregonstate.edu and my cell number is 503-510-7582. I live in Linn County but my office is on campus. Actually, my office is at home right now, but I assume we will eventually be back on campus.
Best of luck!