no nuts

Asked October 5, 2020, 8:18 PM EDT

I am in Kent county south of Lowell near I-96, I have no acorns, no hickory nuts and no walnuts this year. This has not happened in the past, any idea what is going on?


Kent County Michigan

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Many nut trees are having a low mast year, including oaks.

Trees vary from year to year in seed production, depending on many factors, including previous year’s crop, rainfall, and timing of the last spring freeze or frost. The process is not totally understood, however. Some trees are known to have a pattern to their production.

Walnuts are sensitive to late frost and to droughty conditions. We had both this year.

The oak and walnut trees in my neighborhood here in Southeast Oakland county have very little nut production.

If we have adequate rainfall and no late freezes next spring, you will likely see a return of nut production.

What you can do is deeply water your trees before the ground freezes and before the leaves have fallen, if the soil is dry 10 inches down- check by digging a small hole. Do not drown trees, but watering until soil is moist 6-10 inches down will help.