Are My Pine Trees Dying?

Asked October 5, 2020, 8:07 PM EDT

Hi There MSU Extension garden experts!! I'm so glad to have found you!

We have five pine trees in our yard - they're spaced fairly close together, are pretty large (probably 40-60 feet tall), and get a decent amount of sunlight. From a distance they look nice, but when you get closer some of the branches look like they are dying.

In the last year or so we noticed there are very few pine needles left on some of the branches and on the inside of the tree.

I'm trying to figure out if these trees are dying, diseased, or if it's all just a part of natural tree life.

Any insight you have is appreciated! Photos included.

Oakland County Michigan

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Thanks for the question. These are actually spruce trees (at least the ones clear enough to ID in the pictures). Spruce trees, especially blue spruce, have been declining across the state. It is likely your trees are suffering from "Spruce Decline". Some treatments may help but can't fix the damage. A certified arborist can help make the appropriate recommendations. Check out the following links:

I hope this helps,

Ahhh this totally makes sense! Thank you for your insights Barry!! I’ll connect with an arborist - thank you for sharing that finder tool!