Sudden chicken death

Asked October 3, 2020, 1:01 PM EDT

I don’t under why our chickens are suddenly dying, We started w 27 chicks in April and in the past month 4 have died suddenly and we don’t know why. The coop is dry, has clean shavings on the floor, well ventilated, they also have a 20x 10 exterior run w a sand floor. I keep up w the droppings. They have clean fresh water daily and clean fresh pellet food. They get some table scraps. 7 are laying eggs. Most have bright red comb, that stand tall. Bright eyes and clean tail feathers. Currently the rooster has a messy loose poo around the feathers at the vent. His comb in no longer the deep red it had been and is flopping over and withering. He lays down a lot and looks sleepy. He hasn’t crowed in a week and is no longer trying to mate with the girls. The other 4 that died were sluggish, comb pale, and sleepy eyes. No discharge from eyes or nose. I am currently treating w a Corid and today is day 6. Any help or direction I can go to solve this world be great.

New London County Connecticut

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You should call a vet. We just answer plant questions.

I'm sorry for the response above. I'm not sure which widget you asked the question on, but they should have regrouped it with poultry to get an answer for you. Dawn was correct, however, it is always best to consult a vet. It is best if you could send your dead chicken to your state animal diagnostic lab to get a confirmation of the cause of death. If you are not able to get a dead chicken to the diagnostic lab, I would recommend that you do your own simple necropsy to get an idea of what is going on inside the chicken. There is a webinar to instruct you on how to do a simple webinar at There is also a webinar on common poultry diseases - see

Be careful when giving table scraps. If they become rotten you could cause botulism. You could also encourage the growth of pests in the area. Sounds like you are doing the right things with good food and clear water.

Without more information, I think you could have a mycoplasma problem. You can try an antibiotic to prevent a secondary bacterial infection which could be the cause of death.

Another resource is a symptom decoder at

I hope that helps. Again, sorry for the improper initial response.