How to treat peonies for strawberry root weevil?

Asked October 1, 2020, 2:31 PM EDT

I have several peonies in my front yard. The edges of the leaves are badly eaten by strawberry root weevil. How can I remove the strawberry root weevil? Is it worth doing?

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hello, yes, root weevils can give a peony quite a fancy, lacey look. Nematodes are a non chemical method of managing root weevils and there seems to be some success with them in our area. The soil needs to be a certain temperature for nematodes as they don't live well in cold soils. If you decide to use them be sure to read the instructions for correct soil temperatures and application time. Here is a link to information on the Strawberry Root Weevil and control.

You can look on line for sources for the nematode.